Gund Rainforest Reptiles Magnatude Magnet Orange 20298

Gund Rainforest Reptiles Magnatude Magnet has magnets in hands,feet and head.

Gund Rainforest Reptiles Magnatude Magnet Orange 20298

Gund magnets are a great stocking stuffer, add-on gift or representative of your school or favortie team! Backs, feet and hands each have magnets which allow for all kinds of fun positions or just a great refrigerator magnet.

Gund Rainforest Reptiles Magnatude Magnet Orange 20298 is made of orange and green scales.

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Company: Gund

This item is discontinued and can no longer be purchased. For more information please contact us via our contact form or phone

This item is disabled and no longer available and cannot be purchased.

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