Steiff 1906 Replica Teddy Bear EAN 403224

Steiff 1906 Replica Teddy Bear EAN 403224


Short Description

Steiff 1906 Replica Teddy Bear is a 2017 Worldwide Limited Edition

Extended Description

You are forgiven thinking this lovely fellow has just been discovered in an old dusty toy box hidden away in the attic, an easy mistake! The Teddy bear replica 1906 is an artistic imitation of a Steiff bear from yesteryear dating right back to the heydays of Steiff bears the year of Baerle, who was later given the name Teddy bear. Standing 40 cm tall and made of the finest, yet aged mohair, he exudes the charm and character Richard Steiff gifted the bears all those years ago. He is stuffed with excelsior, and has a squeaker heart beat and wears a period correct ear tag attached to his period correct underscored button made of patinated steel, just as the 1906 original. Only 906 pieces are available, another reason why this bear is unique.

In 1927 Richard Steiff was inspired by the American zeitgeist of the Twenties to produce a bear with a new expression and striking blue eyes. A short time later, on January 7, 1928 Steiff presents the Bear Baby "Buschy".

Steiff fans liked everything about him, just not his name. As “Petsy” he was a great sales success. Up until 1930 a total of 10,688 were sold. The look of Teddy bear Petsy replica 1928 with a 35 cm standing height, harks back to this famous bear cub.

The replica is stuffed with excelsior, has blue glass eyes and "underscored button" made of patinated steel. As a tribute to the year of his release we present Teddy bear Petsy 1928 replica in a limited edition of 928 pieces.

    Brand: Steiff
    Animal: Teddy Bear
    Collection: 2017 Worldwide Exclusive
    Edition Size:
    906 pieces
    Material: Finest mohair
    Size: 15.7 inches
    Color: Russet
    Eyes: Wooden Eyes
    Ear tag: "underscored button" made of patinated steel
    Joints: 5-way jointed; head and arms are loosely attached to the body
    Sound: Squeaker
    Care: Surface washable
    Country of Manufacture: Germany

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