Hermann Spielwaren Candy Bomber Pilot Teddy Bear 19102-3

Hermann Spielwaren Candy Bomber Pilot Teddy Bear 19102-3


Short Description

Hermann Spielwaren Candy Bomber Pilot Teddy Bear is a 2018 Limited Edition

Extended Description

Candy Bomber Pilot
A Teddy Bear commemorating the Berlin Airlift 70 years ago
A heroic effort to keep a city free

2018/2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. It began on June26, 1948 and is still today a symbol of people's desire for freedom. During the time of the Berlin Airlift over 2.2 million people in West-Berlin were supplied by the Western Allies by air with all necessary food, medicines and fuels such as coal and gasoline, after the Soviet occupation-force had completely closed the land and waterways to West-Berlin and cut off the Western part of Berlin from the electricity supply. To ensure the supply of the people in the marooned Berlin, aircrafts of the Western Allies landed in 90 seconds rhythm around the clock on the West-Berlin airfield Tempelhof.

Lovingly the airplanes were called Candy Bombers by the Berlin population.The name was created after an American pilot began to tie small chocolate bars to hand-made handkerchief parachutes and drop them off before landing for the waving children. This action soon drew wide circles and many of his colleagues followed him. As a result, also civilian Americans collected candy to support this action.

After the Soviets abolished the Berlin Blockade” after 11 months on May 12, 1949 in view of the demonstrated freedom-will of the people shown by the airlift, the operation Berlin Airlift” officially ended on September30, 1949.

Hermann Spielwaren Candy Bomber Pilot Teddy Bear 19102-3 is handmade of mohair with excelsior filling and a growler. Limited edition of 250 pieces.

    Brand: Hermann Spielwaren
    Animal: Teddy Bear
    Collection: 2018 Exclusive
    Edition Size: 250 pieces
    Material: Mohair
    Size: 14.5 inches or 37 cm
    Stuffing: Excelsior
    Joints: 5-way jointed
    Country of Manufacture: Germany


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