Hansa Toys Usa Wolf Cub, Sitting 4291

Hansa Toys Usa Wolf Cub, Sitting 4291


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Hansa Wolf Cub is from the Woodland Collection

Extended Description

Howl! This Hansa Wolf Cub 4291 is made from brown, beige and white plush with black eyes and nose. Hansa Wolf 4291 is sitting and has black paw pads.

The gray wolf is found mostly in Canada, eastern Russia and parts of the US and Europe. They eat moose, elk, small deer, sheep and other small mammals. The gray wolf uses its excellent sense of smell and efficient sight & hearing to track its prey. Wolves live in groups called packs and communicate through howling. They work together to hunt, raise their young, and protect their territory. Wolves usually eat about 20 pounds in one meal, that's the same as 80 hamburgers.

14.43in X 7.80in X 12.48in (LxWxH)

Hansa Toys is known worldwide for their realistic, stuffed plush, life like creations and life size realistic animals.

Size: 14.43 inches

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