Hansa Toys Usa Duck Chick 3720

Hansa Toys Usa Duck Chick 3720


Short Description

Hansa Duck Chick is from the Aviary Collection

Extended Description

Hansa Duck Chick 3720 is handcrafted from yellow plush.

A duckling is a baby duck. Ducks can be found on all continents except for Antarctica and most of the world?s islands. The legs of most ducks are placed far apart and towards the rear, making them awkward walkers but efficient swimmers. Some species nest in holes in trees but most nest on the ground. These nests contain 4-12 eggs. Ducklings are able to swim and feed themselves soon after they hatch.

6.24in X 5.07in X 4.68in (LxWxH)

Hansa Toys is known worldwide for their realistic, stuffed plush, life like creations and life size realistic animals.

Size: 6.24 inches

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