Sunny Bears introduces New Product Line: Elves and Angels, a 25 Year Old American Company

2013-11-20 21:36:50

Sunny Bears introduces Elves and Angels, a 24 year old company who makes heirloom wooden toys. Elves and Angels is a family business that makes everything in Maine, USA. We have had many of these wooden toys in our house for years. Not only are they beautiful, they are durable. I am honestly surprised at how well they have held up with our kids playing with them. With so many disposable toys nowadays, it is nice to see a company still making high quality wooden toys. 

These wooden toys go well with the high quality stuffed animals we carry. Like our motto, "From baby to collector, only the best."

These toys are not just for kids. The Elves and Angels wooden toys would look fabulous with your bears and/or other animal collections. For example, The Elves and Angels Wooden Wagon makes a fabulous place for your bears and animals to sit.


Elves and Angels Wooden Wagon

We all know teddy bears like to hibernate so why not let them in the Kat's Cradle?

Elves and Angels Kat's Cradle

The holidays are around the corner, and you can order all the Elves and Angels Wooden Toys from Sunny Bears.