Steiff Polar The Titanic Bear created for the 100th anniversary of Titanic

2012-01-04 12:40:18

2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and Sunny Bears would like to introduce you to Steiff Polar The Titanic Bear EAN 682087.

Daisy Spedden and her husband Frederick were a wealthy couple with a passion for travel. In early 1912, the Spedden family sailed from New York to Algiers and then on to the French Riviera. Returning through Paris, the family boarded the train for Cherbourg; there they took a small boat out to the huge Titanic. On the night of the disaster, Polar, a beloved Steiff bear purchased at FAO Schwarz, was tucked under his master‟s arm as the Speddens were lowered down the side of the Titanic into a lifeboat. After the sinking, the survivors were swung up the side of the rescue ship. But Polar found himself forgotten in the empty lifeboat… until a sailor rescued him and returned him to his joyous master, Douglas. Steiff brings this true story to life with “Polar, The Titanic Bear”, a magnificent interpretation of the original bear. Steiff Polar The Titanic Teddy Bear EAN 682087 is made of snow white genuine mohair and wears a detailed sailor suit. Steiff Polar The Titanic Teddy Bear EAN 682087 is every bit as charming as the original, which survived the tragedy 100 years ago. Based on the popular book.

Steiff Polar The Titanic Teddy Bear EAN 682087 is a 2012 North American Limited Edition of 1,500 pieces.

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