Steiff Mistletoe Bear EAN 036859 is both sweet and elegant

2011-11-22 20:15:24
<a href=>Steiff Mistletoe Teddy Bear EAN 036859</a> manages to be both sweet and elegant. Steiff Mistletoe Teddy Bear EAN 036859 features handcrafted mistletoe of felt, a very traditional Steiff material.


The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe comes from the ancient Celts where the evergreen mistletoe was considered a medical and magic plant. Under its protection against illness, witchcraft, demons, fire, and enemies, the Celts gave each other (beneath the mistletoe) the kiss of peace. "With the white felt I want to convey the feeling of the white and icy wintertime with snow and ice, "says the designer. "The golden parts of ornaments in the bouquet and the golden bow have to support the holy and magical wishes which are represented by the mistletoe and give a feeling of the magic and spirit of Wintertime," she continues.


Steiff Mistletoe Teddy Bear EAN 036859 makes a lovely addition to your Christmas/Holiday decorations. She is limited to 1,500 pieces so order yours today.