Steiff 2013 Product Line Up, What a year for Steiff

2013-07-01 10:07:26

We've been eagerly awaiting this wonderful release (see images below) of incredible Steiff products new for the Summer of 2013. From the fabulous Disney Steiff Pieces, to the romantic Swarovski bears and of course course Steiff's exclusive North American and World Wide Limited Editions.

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It is without a doubt a banner year for Steiff and for Steiff, Disney and Swarovski collectors. Steiff has pulled out all the stops, let the artists loose and pulled off an a fantastic lineup for us Steiff Lovers.

It is hard in an article like this, well, when you want to keep it short, but your just to excited to keep it contained. With that being said, for you collectors out there, get your product pre-ordered now, as soons as you can. It is our expectation that we will see sell outs early.

 We have already been seeing strength in Disney and Swarovski pieces, Strong interest in Steiff Anushka and Hello Kitty from the international market.

As we have stated in some of our other articles, the collectors market has been a little slow as the global economic downturn took place. Last year we started seeing a strong trend back to the collector market. And Steiff must be seeing it too. Because this is one of the most impressive releases Steiff has done in a while.

We know, when it comes to Steiff it is more then a collectible, the value is in the love. But the good thing about Steiff, it is "Art you can Love" and collect it for future earnings.

We hope you enjoy the line up as we do, and remember, this is truely an impressive release and we expect sell outs early. So hop on over to Sunny Bears and pre order your piece now. PreOrders are usually 25% of the cost and we charge the rest on shipment. Don't get caught hibernating and loose out on the marvelous opportunity.

Steiff Mickey Mouse EAN 354939 Steiff Minnie Mouse EAN 354946 Steiff Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo Clownfish EAN 354885
Steiff Dory Fish from the Disney movie Finding Nemo EAN 354892
Steiff Piglet EAN 354878 Steiff Winnie the Pooh Teddy Bear EAN 354908
Steiff Swarovski Florentine Teddy Bear Ornament EAN 034695 Steiff Swarovski Berry 2013 Holiday Teddy Bear EAN 682650 Steiff Swarovski Ruby Teddy Bear EAN 035388
Steiff Hello Kitty Anniversary Cat EAN 682216 Steiff Archie Replica Teddy Bear 1910 EAN 403149 Steiff Sir Edward Teddy Bear EAN 034787 Steiff Spotty Replica Dog 1928 EAN 403125
Steiff Selection Teddy Bear Jekaterina EAN 034664
Steiff Anushka Teddy Bear EAN 034800 Steiff Biggie Beagle Dog EAN 034824